Friday, April 11, 2008

Norfolk Centenary Band

My professional band, this time appearing as the Norfolk Centenary Band, played an outstanding concert on Saturday, July 29, at the Music Shed on the grounds of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate for the Yale Summer Festival. After an adequate rehearsal, they played one of the better concerts of the 13 years that we have been around. We all agreed that perhaps the secret is playing inside as opposed to outside... The Band received a standing ovation after the overture! On impulse, I promised to return in the fall with the undergraduate Yale Concert Band for a short concert. We played: Jack Stamp: Star-Spangled Banner, A Love Song for Our Country; Rossini: Overture: William Tell Overture ; Grainger: Irish Tune ­ Danny Boy/ Shepherd's Hey; Gershwin: American In Paris; Duffy: A Parisian In America; Sullivan: Pineapple Poll Ballet; Copland: Stomp Your Foot/ The Promise of Living ; Wagner: Elsa's Procession; Sousa: The National Game JP Sousa; Dragon: America The Beautiful; Fillmore: American's We


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